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For recruiters


Our main service is to provide support to companies. Our support is a link between companies and the academic world. This works as a virtual officenext to yours. Our activity is very digital, even if our contacts are with real people. There are very powerful and interesting resources for companies in the academic world: former graduates, future talents, spinoffs, research laboratory ...

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We push your jobs

We push your job offers in the websites of universities, business schools and alumni associations. You gain in visibility where the talents you need are formed. Very simple and digital operation: you send us your offers, we set the target together, we integrate your offers and you receive a report.Free test on request.

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Save Time

If you already integrate job offers into the websites of universities and other websites, you know that this activity consumes a lot of time. Trust a partner who knows the academic world very well.Save Time! Free yourself !.Compare our rates with the time your are loosing !

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How it works ?

For candidates

Big data

Thousands of information on higher education is available. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we identify important information to help you in your recruitment efforts.

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Send your resume

You can send your CV in one click to the companies that recruit the specialty of your diploma. It is very simple.

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Tips for a good CV

You will find details on how to make a good resume. 99% of resumes have errors. Recruiter can dismiss your profile. Discover all the tips to make a good resume.

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How it works for candidates ?